Thinking of starting a business in The Netherlands?

Navigating your way to (startup) success can be daunting and lonely. Understanding your options and opportunities in Dutch law and taxation, as well as for example in subsidization can be tricky. In addition, making the right choices on numerous administrative issues can be tough. And that’s not even mentioning the making a solid business plan part or getting into the right mindset!

J & C Advies has extensive experience in helping expats, emigrants, émigrés and other ‘New Dutchies’ to become entrepreneurs in our nippy little country. And we would love to help you out too.

expat entrepreneurship
J&C helps expats

We give you the advice you need to hear, which might not be what you want to hear. We give it to you straight.

Basically we work on a time charge basis, for 110€ per hour, ex VAT, we’re yours! And in all its simplicity, that’s where the basic story ends. Each entrepreneur, each startup, each company is different and a standard solution would be Utopian.

We are happy to offer you the first hour free of charge to discuss your situation and figure out together what would be a logical next step. During that hour we won’t put the breaks on (what does that mean anyway). If your questions are answered within that first hour, well done, keep it up, and please spread the word about J & C Advies in your network.

If you would like to be further assisted by us, we will work with you on a retainer basis. You pay us five hours in advance and we make a plan how and when to use those hours. If your five hours are consumed, we will invoice you for the next five. If your questions are answered in less than five hours, good on you again! We’ll of course send you a credit note and reimburse you for the hours not used.

This way of working is very transparant for everyone involved and we use less time on administrative BS, so we have more time for you!